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Unlocking positivity in wheelchair transportation through design.



The Myline Foundation (Stichting Myline) champions a noble mission – empowering individuals confronting adversity and limitations. Their aim is to bestow upon them newfound freedom and flexibility in their daily lives. We firmly believe that design possesses the ability to redefine the experiences of wheelchair transportation. Through design, we can offer them a fresh sense of freedom and unmatched comfort. Our journey embarks with a profound commitment to overhaul the perception of wheelchair transportation, making it a more positive and welcoming experience for those who rely on it, and ultimately unlocking positivity in wheelchair transportation.


The design choices embody deep significance, symbolizing forward movement, adaptability, and the unwavering resilience of those we serve. The logo takes inspiration from the iconic wheelchair symbol, representing not only forward movement but also adaptability. A squirrel, the harbinger of progress, flexibility, movement, and joy, embodies the essence of our brand. Its instinct to prepare for the future mirrors our reliance on sponsors and financial support to sustain our mission. Employing a unique one-line illustration technique, we transform “Myline” into a literal line, symbolizing the distinctive journey each individual embarks on.

We’ve thoughtfully curated a two-way color palette: one exuding serenity and positivity for Myline Foundation and a vivacious orange palette for Myline Rolstoelvervoer (wheelchair transportation), resonating with the positivity experienced by individuals with limited mobility through Myline. Typography adds a distinctive human touch, rendering our identity inviting and heartwarming.


The outcome is an identity that transcends mere aesthetics; it serves as a wellspring of inspiration. It stands as a serene yet optimistic identity, radiating positivity, and perfectly aligning with the core tenets of our mission. It empowers individuals to embrace mobility, unfazed by the challenges they confront.

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