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Razor type

Redefining everyday spaces and objects with a grid-inspired typeface.



Our vision was clear: to forge a typeface that breaks free from conventions, embracing visual impact over standard legibility. This ignited our design journey, culminating in Razor Type. Rooted in a solid grid, this versatile typeface transcends norms, seamlessly blending into diverse creative landscapes. In a world where the mundane fades into insignificance, Razor Type injects vitality and spontaneity, even with its sleek, brutalist aesthetics. Amidst gray corners and vacant spaces, it’s an invitation to defy convention and redefine everyday objects and spaces.


Our design process unfolded meticulously, underscoring our commitment to adaptability and versatility. From digital origins to tangible, artisanal expressions, we bridged the digital-physical gap seamlessly. In a digital-dominant world, we broke free from screens. Collaborations with fellow creatives breathed new life into Razor Type, enriching its character and expanding its creative boundaries.


The outcome of this creative endeavor is a transformative typeface, redefine spaces and objects effortlessly. Whether it’s a single letter, word, or sentence, it defies conventional design expectations. Razor Type transcends traditional typography, embodying a fresh perspective on design and boundless creativity. Applied to the “Razor Type Scarf” it steps into the spotlight—a wearable canvas for self-expression in everyday streetwear. Discover the magic of Razor Type, where creativity knows no bounds, and design evolves as a testament to our commitment to redefining the world through design.

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