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Experience a brand new nomadic take on vinyl music.


Vinyl&, is a DJ concept that springs from a collection of over 2,500 records.  It’s a new vinyl experience, it’s more than just music; it’s about the connections it forges, the memories it rekindles, and the emotions it sets free. That’s why it’s called Vinyl&. So the “&” symbol represents the brand’s openness to embrace everything and everyone, making it inclusive and dynamic. The icon draws inspiration from the three fundamental elements of music: rhythm, melody, and harmony, swirling together like an endless groove.


Since the brand was born from a passionate collector’s love for vinyl,  the identity needed to evoke a museum-like feel. With carefully placed typography, high-contrast colors, and ample white space, the brand’s identity is akin to a mobile exhibition, ready to make any occasion special. Retro vibes in both the “&” symbol and typography pay homage to the world of vinyl records.


The brand’s system doesn’t stop at the “&” symbol.  Stickers that can be slapped on anything, interacting playfully with their surroundings. Business cards with a personalized touch, allowing names to be written on. And the website, where each paragraph, genre, or moment seamlessly complements the Vinyl& logo. Make the Vinyl& world come to life.  It’s all about turning the identity into an experience that’s as vibrant as the vinyl records collection.

The “&” symbol carries the potential to stand alone as a brand, embracing a wide array of passions and interests. It effortlessly transitions from “Vinyl” to other themes like Food, Plants, or any other theme that’s close to the heart, making it a versatile emblem that connects with diverse experiences.

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    Development: Mediative

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    Art Direction, Brand design, Concept, Motion, Naming, Webdesign
Vinyl& logo animations 01 designed by JuliusJanis
Vinyl& website designed by JuliusJanis
Vinyl& banner designed by JuliusJanis
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